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Creating a Caregiver Plan
BEFORE a Crisis

LIFE IS FULL OF UNEXPECTED EVENTS, and while we can’t always foresee what will be needed, it is possible to have a few safeguards in place. This is what makes the difference between an unexpected event and a crisis.

WHAT SHOULD YOUR PLAN INCLUDE? There are many factors to consider when creating a caregiver plan covering financial considerations, medical and legal choices, personal wishes and more. Outlining and organizing before an event occurs can make a huge difference in the emotional well-being and financial needs of all involved.

Creating an effective plan is a team effort, usually involving different experts and professionals with the family. Dana Nursick and Jim Duncan of Benchmark Financial Group, Inc. can help you with preparing a caregiving plan in addition to providing you solutions with your Medicare supplement insurance options.

THE HOME HEALTH CARE POLICY IS A NEW APPROACH that allows a person to recuperate at home with some unique benefits:

  • A $600 a year prescription benefit
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, in addition to any other coverage you have—including Medicare
  • Help with costs not covered by your medical insurance, like deductibles and co-pays
  • Money to you for home recovery following hospitalization, stroke, accident, chronic illness or injury
  • No network restrictions, No medical exam to qualify
  • Fills the gaps in what Medicare will not pay. No prior hospitalization required

The Home Health Care Benefits PLUS has given many families a way to cover things that otherwise would have fallen through the cracks with their other insurance or resources.

Caregiving affects everyone in the family. Planning is all about making the right decisions before an urgent need. Call to find out how we can help you make the right decision.